Nike Air Jordan 2010 “Full Speed Ahead”

The AJ 2010 marks the 25th anniversary of the most iconic sneaker line of all time. Designed by footwear legends Mark Smith and Tinker Hatfield, the Air Jordan 2010 features a clear windows of the midpanel of the upper, an asymmetrical collar and a hidden quote from Jordan himself.

AJ 2010 White Red Wade

Year Released: 2010

Designer: Tinker Hatfield, Mark Smith

AJ 2010 market the 25th anniversary of the Air Jordan collection which is the most iconic sneaker line of all time.

Air Jordan 25 2010

Mark Smith and Tinker Hatfield who are footwear legends came together to design the Air Jordan 2010. On the mid-panel of the upper, this shoe features a clear window. The clear window was incorporated into the design as a representation of looking into the life and game of Michael Jordan.

Nike Air Jordan 2010 Commercials:

Air Jordan 2010 Outdoor


Air Jordan 2010 photos

This is one of the most unique designs in all Air Jordan shoes. The collar on Air Jordan 2010 is asymmetrical. One of the things that make this show stand out is the fact that it features a hidden quote made by Michael Jordan himself. The other thing that differentiates this shoe from the other shoes in the collection is the lateral side which was designed to drop lower than what was seen in the previous versions. The concept behind the design of this shoe is one of the things that have made it the most sought after air Jordan shoes.

AJ 2010 White Red Wade

It is popular among athletes and Michael Jordan fans all over the world.


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